A collaborative for the early identification and treatment of mental illness with psychosis


The Maryland EIP team conducts research in the hopes of better understanding, predicting and treating mental illnesses, such as mental illnesses with psychoses. On this page, you will find several research opportunities available for individuals in the early stages of psychosis and information on how you can become involved.

Check out these studies and see if you are eligible to participate:

-We are conducting a study for those 12-25 years old who are receiving mental health services. Click here to learn more about what participation involves or call (410) 328-9087.

-If you are 18-40 years of age in the early course (defined as 5 years from diagnosis) of schizophrenia, schizophreniform, or schizoaffective disorder, are in generally good health, and have not had a change in anti-psychotic medication in the past 2 months, you may be eligible to participate in the VISTA study. Find out more information about participation here or call (410) 402-7878 for a confidential screening.

Additionally, you can read about the latest research being done in the field:

Looking at My Genes: What Can They Tell Me? (OM 09-4298)
A fact sheet containing frequently asked questions about genome scans and genetic testing. (4 p.)

Neuroimaging and Mental Illness: A Window Into the Brain (Frequently Asked Questions About Brain Scans) (NIH 10-7460)
Researchers use brain scans for diagnostic and research purposes. This publication answers frequently asked questions about what brain scans can and cannot do related to diagnosing mental illnesses. (7 p.)

A Participant's Guide to Mental Health Clinical Research (NIH 11-4379)
This brochure provides answers to common questions about volunteering for mental health clinical research. (25 p.) and visit NIMH's Clinical Trial page